Art Post: MM/SS [18 May 2005|08:13am]

Title: Embrace
Artist: shadowycat
Pairing: MM/SS
Rating: R for nudity

MM/SS Embrace
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Photographic Evidence [31 Jan 2005|12:28am]

Title: Photographic Evidence
Author: Angharad
Category: Humor
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Summary: Professor McGonagall, Professor Sprout, and Madame Hooch decide that for certain damaging prejudices, a full frontal assault is in order.
Author's Note: This story is the result of a challenge issued by minerva_fan in reaction to this absurd poll. It was also inspired by "Calendar Girls", and a little slip of the robe in "My House in Umbria".

Photographic Evidence
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An Albus/Minerva lemon [01 Dec 2004|09:43pm]

Title: Intimate Communication
Author: Angharad
Pairing: Albus/Minerva
Rating: R to NC-17
Summary: This is the lemon sequel to Subtle Communication. Albus takes it upon himself to make certain that Minerva gets to bed at a reasonable hour.
Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to J. K. Rowling. I'm merely imagining some naughty things.
A/N: If you have a problem with anyone over the age of 60 being in love, and expressing that love physically, please do not read any further. If, however, you have an open mind, please continue.

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Quite A Weekend [16 Oct 2004|12:36am]

Title: Quite A Weekend
Author: Angharad
Pairing: MM/?
Rating: PG
Summary: Where has Professor McGonagall been all weekend?
A/N: This is for minerva_fan

She has a life?Collapse )
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Truth Beyond Memory [16 Sep 2004|08:12am]

[ mood | nervous ]

I've begun posting a new story today. It's a MM/SS story, and I will include the summary and links here for anyone who might be interested.

The story is entitled: Truth Beyond Memory It's rated R.

Summary: Minerva McGonagall has a good life: a job she loves, dear friends, a comfortable home, and a relatively new, no strings attached, passionate sexual relationship with the much younger Severus Snape. Indeed, life couldn't be better, until her past comes back to haunt her and threatens to take it all away.


The livejournal version will be an illustrated version.

Thank you. :)

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My new Minerva/Albus story [27 Aug 2004|04:45pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Title: Traditional Socks
Author: Angharad
Pairing: Albus/Minerva
Rating: PG
Summary: Why does Professor Dumbledore tell Harry that he sees himself holding a pair of socks in the Mirror of Erised?
Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to J. K. Rowling.  I’m merely indulging in a bit of idle speculation.

It unscrews the other way...Collapse )

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RL/MM Story [05 Aug 2004|01:37pm]

I've written a short story featuring Minerva and Remus and I thought I'd post a link here in case anyone had an interest in reading it. The title of the story is "Interlude", and it's a three chapter romance. Below are links to the two websites where the story is located as well as a link for an illustration that I did for the story. Thanks. :)
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Greetings! [02 Aug 2004|05:17pm]

Hello there,

How wonderful to find a group like this! Older women are so unappreciated, at least in America, where I live. Here, the media would have us believe that we are sexually worthless once we turn 40. Here's to changing perceptions, one creative endeavor at a time!

I have written four stories, all featuring Minerva McGonagall. They are:

Subtle Communication (Albus/Minerva, rated PG)
Filling in the Gaps (Albus/Minerva/Severus, rated PG)
The Professors' New Clothes (Albus/Minerva, rated PG)
An Unexpected Lesson (Albus/Minerva/Severus, rated R)

I'm really looking forward to exploring all of your work!

Glad to be here,

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[19 Jul 2004|11:57pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Title: Valediction
Author: tsunamisurfer
Pairing: Remus/Minerva
Rating: PG
588 words

ValedictionCollapse )

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My 8 Women Fic [18 May 2004|05:09pm]

This peice takes place mostly when the main character is sixteen years old, but please bear with me. This is the first part of a multi part peice and after this background establishing prolouge the primary character will be well into her fortys.

My first 8 Women Fic
All This, and More, I Endure for You
By Raina W.
Fandom: Huit Femmes (Eight Women)
Character: Gabi
Rating: NC-17, for sexual situations and violence
Genre: femmeslash
Warnings: Refrence to Non Consensual Sex, and child abuse...
oh yeah, and it's long but good

Will work for feedback so please remember that it is your feedback whether worshiping or con crit that keeps the writer in me alive. Your words are the food of my muse:

My Little Story
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[05 May 2004|01:33am]

Author: tsunamisurfer
Title: In Love and War
Pairing: Remus/Minerva
Rating: PG for harmless flirtation.
Summary: All's fair.

In Love and WarCollapse )

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Rec Request/Fic Search/What This Fandom Needs [04 May 2004|05:17pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

tinderblast and her two brilliant Harry/Rita drabbles are to blame for this: A Quick Word and Quick-Quotes.

Absolutely delightful, and now I'm just craving more Harry/Mrs Robinson (so to speak) fic (any and all ratings)

The only other fic I can think of that might fit the bill is a Harry/Narcissa over on (the zipless fuck, I think it was called).

So, is there any Harry/Minerva (Sybill, Poppy, Hooch, Pince, Arabella or Bellatrix even) fic out there (is anybody willing to write any?) What with all the cross-gen Snape/Hermione het, this fandom really needs more Harry/Mrs Robinson!

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[28 Apr 2004|09:01pm]

I'd like to rec a few of my favourite Minerva fics! (Aside from Sasha's, because she's already pimped hers! ;) )

Differences of Opinion by Calanthe Borrible

I thought this was a wonderful piece of Minerva-as-professor characterisation. There's no ship (well, no Minerva ship anyway!) and the plot is a little confusing at first but it's very imaginative and, IMO, really builds upon the Minerva we see in in canon.

Sugar Quill Manoveurs by Alchemine

I think this is one of the Minerva 'classics' but I'll rec it anyway in case anyone has been unlucky enough to miss it. Again there's no Minerva ship, but this is an original and intriguing interpretation set in the MWPP era. 'Crowning Glory' is another of my favourite Minerva fics by Alchemine.

Warmth of Crimson, Chill of Emerald by Aldalindil

Another 'classic'. This is a Minerva-when-she-was-young fic - sorry if that's not entirely appropriate for this community but it's such an amazing fic I couldn't resist! This is set when Minerva was at school and explores the relationship between Minerva and the young Tom Riddle. It's part of a web of connected fics, if anyone's interested in reading more.

Angel Tempted by Dicere

An intriguing one-shot, recommended to me by tsunamisurfer. Definitely well worth a read.

Things Can Be Transformed by Luminous Marble

Another one-shot and equally readable.

And the Saints Kept Marching On by Saphy

A look at what the future might have held for Remus Lupin had Umbridge got her way, through Minerva's eyes. Disturbing, fascinating and thought provoking!

A Compromising Situation by Juno

Minerva attends an Order meeting, Remus gets a treat and Hermione gets an unexpected shock! Light hearted and enjoyable, set during OOTP.
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Last One, I Promise [28 Apr 2004|12:15am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Another drabble I had originally up just on my own LJ.

Title: In Dreams
Author: tsunamisurfer
Pairing: Remus/Minerva
Rating: PG

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[/junk-ficlet posting spree]

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[28 Apr 2004|12:09am]

[ mood | busy ]

Having recieved positive reaction to yesterday's drabble I'm going to be an ego-maniac and pimp some of my recent stuff:

Old Friends is a post-OotP smut-fic which I blame septemberrains for putting in my head.

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream", on the other hand, is a silly little humor story set at Grimmauld Place between GoF and OotP.

*adjusts spotlight*

Now that I've had my moment, any other Remus/Minerva fans out there should take a hop, skip, and a jump over to hms_lf, our LJ community for discussion, recommendations, postings, questions, etc. We get really excited for new members, so come make our day (night. whatever.). septemberrains, thewlisian_afer, and a handful of others occasionally post wonderful stories and drabbles there so check it out!

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[27 Apr 2004|02:55pm]

x-posted everywhere they'll let me....

I have started a new Fan Community for La Fiona, called "Fabulous Fi!"

Please go, visit, join and post frequently to fabulous_fi!

Thank you for your support.
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[27 Apr 2004|12:20am]

[ mood | sore ]

At flourish's urging...

Title: Untitled
Author: tsunamisurfer
Rating: PG-13

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Comments are adored.

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FicLink: Trek TOS femmeslash [16 Apr 2004|02:14pm]

I know this group is open to non-HP stories, so I thought there might be interest in a bit of Trek:TOS femmeslash. Thanks for the indulgence.


Title: Perched on the Edge of Anonymity
By: DebbieB
Fandom: Trek: TOS
Pairing: Chapel/Rand
Rating: PG
Summary: Another day, another miracle.

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A Passion for Quidditch [13 Apr 2004|10:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

A short one-shot MM/SS piece. Rating probably PG-13. More is implied than actually shown. Romantic Humor.

A Passion For QuidditchCollapse )

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Helen Mirren as Umbitch! [05 Apr 2004|11:25am]

please forgive the x-post to hp_oldladysb

I would like to officially start the campaign for casting Helen Mirren as Dolores Umbridge in the movie version of HP-OotP.

Yes, I know many of you think she's too hawt to play Dolores Umbridge (and she is), but look back on some of the roles she's played and tell me she couldn't own that role! (Oh, for Maggie Smith and Helen Mirren facing off as McGonagall and Umbitch! My little heart goes pitty-pat at the mere thought...)

And, proving I have incredible faith that my RL girlfriend, raina_w won't leave me to pursue her undeniable lust for Shmellen Quirren Helen Mirren, I'm posting a huge list of links to remind us all that over 40 can be mind-numbingly sexy.

Dame Hottie-Tottie Helen Mirren PicsCollapse )
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