February 5th, 2004

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First off-- brilliant idea for a community. It's about damn time.

I thought I'd rec a Sybil/Minerva story that I came across recently while looking through the HP Rareslash archive. To Hell With Your Tea Leaves by Mireille, which has slashy overtones but nothing overt, involving a meeting between the two Professors & a remembrance of things past. A subtle, interesting fic that deals with (in my opinion) the most popular "old lady" HP fandom 'ship.

*applauds wildly*

I write honorstudentmum in civilitas, the very desirable Isabel Crouch, who gets all the good sex. Read about her in Civilitas on the Dark Arts, though the fic hasn't got to the good sex yet.
Writing Isabel, who is forty-two, and does the mid-life crisis thing by having an affair with Obliviator Arnold Peasgood, has been heaps of fun. Not only, does she have confidence and experience that a younger woman wouldn't have, she has a history. There are opportunities for *breathes deeply* angst! Or perhaps not quite angst.... One thing the over-forty crowd doesn't do so well is angst. It seems something for bright young things with no taste of life.

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Hello, I'm Azalais :)

And I write older women, and older men, getting it on some.

In "House of Ill Faith," (soon to reside at malfoymadness, Severus and Juliana begin their relationship when she's in her 20's (and he's 16) but in 1995, when she finally gets free from Azkaban, they still have explicit (and really hot) sex. And she's definitely in her 40's. I've also written them having married-people-with-children quickie sex and all kinds of stuff like that.

After Narcissa divorces Lucius, Draco complains that she has more men chasing after him than he does. And I'd rather like to pair Minerva with someone but I haven't decided who. (Alastor Moody also gets his share of teh sexx in HoIF, with a younger man--I write both het and slash and femmeslash in the same universe because y'know, people are straight and gay and everything in between in the universe I live in.)

In Lightningwar lightningwar I write Lady Gabrielle Malfoy, Lucius' mother, who together with her dear female companion Hyacinthe (written by biichan, inhabit tintagel1942.

I should hope sex doesn't stop at 40, because I'm going to BE 40 in four months!
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What a swell idea for a community!

Rose Jones, le loup de l'ombre, Yuri Gregorov, Siegfried Kessler, Rolf Haken, Ludwig Lowenstein (barely forty, does that count?) and Josef Baldung are all over forty. Siegfried is fifty-two! They're all part of my Durmstrang series. I really enjoy working with middle-aged characters and all of the baggage they carry with them.

Sex is just as hot in your forties as it was in your twenties, hotter probably since you know what you're doing and what does it for you.
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Congratulations on a brilliant idea. I'm all for women over 40 in fanfiction, and look forward to sending Narcissa over her as soon as I can persuade her to put down that toyboy and divert a bit of attention from her attempt to mount a one-woman takeover bid for Gringotts.