February 6th, 2004

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I'm jestana and I've been a Potterholic since summer 2001. My favorite characters, from the start, were McGonagall and Dumbledore. I tried writing fic starring the kids, but most of it was awful. I have one that I kept. The rest I tossed. After those bombed, I decided to try my hand at the adults. I found I had an almost-uncanny ability to write Minerva, which is fine by me! I usually pair her with Albus. I've written one piece starring Molly, and several with Hooch and Poppy (both of whom I see as being the same age as Minerva). My FanFiction.Net profile can be found here. I can post a list of the fics starring the women in particular if you like, just not right now.

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Flourish reminded me to include the links for my Durmstrang Chronicles with my cranky, middle-aged crew of Dark Arts professors and Aurors.

On FictionAlley, my series is split between Schnoogle where "Need", "Pride", "Between the Devil and Durmstrang", "Ticking of the Clock" and "Stacking the Deck" all reside and The Dark Arts where "Teamwork", "Suspicion", "Duty", "The Gift", "Loyal as a Dog" and "The Contract" are housed.

I also have them all on my own website where they are displayed in chronological order. For FA, I have a note with each summary, telling where the story is in the order.
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My fics

Okies, here are all my fics that star a female character over forty years old. I'm including Poppy Pomfrey and Hooch because I see them as either contemporaries of Minerva, or not that much younger than her. So, yus, enjoy!

ETA: Some more fics I couldn't include earlier.

Present-Day Minerva ficsCollapse )

Young Minerva ficsCollapse )

Other Character ficsCollapse )

Whew! I hadn't realized how many I'd written. There's at least two more I need to add, but I can't get at the links right now.

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I've already recommended fic, but completely neglected to introduce myself. I'm pogrebin and I've been floating around fandom for a shamefully long time. I used to be involved in civilitas where I played Barty Crouch, Sr. to narcissam's very alluring Isabel, both over forty.

Apart from my overly large collection of Tomfic, I've written Walking Shadow, which, while not featuring much in the way of older women "getting some" features Hermione, Harry & co. as over-40.

More relevant to the MK Foundation *self-plugs shamelessly*, however, is Our Lady of Pain, a short story featuring Minerva McGonagall/Dolores Umbridge with implied Minerva/Sibyl. All three very interesting ladies who are older!

I adore rareslash in general, and sadly enough, slash featuring "older generation" women always seems to come under this category. I'm looking forward to the fics, recs & discussion that will emerge from this community-- thankyou Flourish & Arabellafiggy for creating it! :)