April 5th, 2004

Dr. Who - Harriet Golden Age

Helen Mirren as Umbitch!

please forgive the x-post to hp_oldladysb

I would like to officially start the campaign for casting Helen Mirren as Dolores Umbridge in the movie version of HP-OotP.

Yes, I know many of you think she's too hawt to play Dolores Umbridge (and she is), but look back on some of the roles she's played and tell me she couldn't own that role! (Oh, for Maggie Smith and Helen Mirren facing off as McGonagall and Umbitch! My little heart goes pitty-pat at the mere thought...)

And, proving I have incredible faith that my RL girlfriend, raina_w won't leave me to pursue her undeniable lust for Shmellen Quirren Helen Mirren, I'm posting a huge list of links to remind us all that over 40 can be mind-numbingly sexy.

Dame Hottie-Tottie Helen Mirren PicsCollapse )