May 4th, 2004


Rec Request/Fic Search/What This Fandom Needs

tinderblast and her two brilliant Harry/Rita drabbles are to blame for this: A Quick Word and Quick-Quotes.

Absolutely delightful, and now I'm just craving more Harry/Mrs Robinson (so to speak) fic (any and all ratings)

The only other fic I can think of that might fit the bill is a Harry/Narcissa over on (the zipless fuck, I think it was called).

So, is there any Harry/Minerva (Sybill, Poppy, Hooch, Pince, Arabella or Bellatrix even) fic out there (is anybody willing to write any?) What with all the cross-gen Snape/Hermione het, this fandom really needs more Harry/Mrs Robinson!
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