May 18th, 2004

Elemental Charmed

My 8 Women Fic

This peice takes place mostly when the main character is sixteen years old, but please bear with me. This is the first part of a multi part peice and after this background establishing prolouge the primary character will be well into her fortys.

My first 8 Women Fic
All This, and More, I Endure for You
By Raina W.
Fandom: Huit Femmes (Eight Women)
Character: Gabi
Rating: NC-17, for sexual situations and violence
Genre: femmeslash
Warnings: Refrence to Non Consensual Sex, and child abuse...
oh yeah, and it's long but good

Will work for feedback so please remember that it is your feedback whether worshiping or con crit that keeps the writer in me alive. Your words are the food of my muse:

My Little Story