August 2nd, 2004


Hello there,

How wonderful to find a group like this! Older women are so unappreciated, at least in America, where I live. Here, the media would have us believe that we are sexually worthless once we turn 40. Here's to changing perceptions, one creative endeavor at a time!

I have written four stories, all featuring Minerva McGonagall. They are:

Subtle Communication (Albus/Minerva, rated PG)
Filling in the Gaps (Albus/Minerva/Severus, rated PG)
The Professors' New Clothes (Albus/Minerva, rated PG)
An Unexpected Lesson (Albus/Minerva/Severus, rated R)

I'm really looking forward to exploring all of your work!

Glad to be here,