Female characters may be over 40

but they aren't over the hill!

The Mutcher-Koore Foundation
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The Mutcher-Koore foundation is dedicated to women over the age of 40 in fanfiction. Why, you ask? Simply because they never get to be romantic leads. And that simply shouldn't be.

If men get sexier as they get older, why can't women? Why is it okay to ship Snape/Hermione, but not Snape/McGonagall? How come Mrs. Figg doesn't get written about, but Viktor Krum does? But we aren't limited to the Potterverse - if you read or write fanfic about women over 40, no matter what fandom, you're welcome here.

Post plugs and recommendations to this community. Fanart is also welcome, although we are unable to host it. Fics should go behind LJ-cut tags and be clearly labeled as to rating. Other than that, have at it!